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Password Creator is a small and useful software tool whose goal is very clear and well defined - to help you generate as many passwords as you need, with the level of complexity you require, with very few clicks and very easily. All you have to decide on is the type of characters you want your passwords to include, a fixed or variable length, and the number of passwords you need. However, a very strange issue about this program is the fact that its installation program is actually too simple, and it does not automatically generate a shortcut on your desktop and/or your quick access bar, which makes it pretty difficult to run, since you have to manually locate its executable file, and create the corresponding shortcut on your desktop yourself, if you wish. The program's interface, however, is totally self-explanatory. It allows you to select what combination of characters to use in your password(s) - including upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. For the password length, you can choose between "fixed" and a "range of values". In the first case, you must set the precise number of characters that your password(s) should contain (up to 20), and in the second case you need to specify two values, which correspond to the minimum and maximum lengths allowed (between 1 and 20). Finally, you can also set the number of passwords to generate - you can create up to 10000 passwords at once. When your password list is ready, the program allows you to send it to different destinations, such as the printer, a file, an e-mail address, a remote server using FTP, or to your clipboard. Depending on which option you choose, you can configure additional parameters. For example, if you choose "File" as destination, you can select the format of the output document among PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel or Word, and CSV. There is also a button that allows you to copy the currently selected password to your clipboard right away. In addition, this program is also capable of managing your password history. When you generate a passwords list, you can optionally assign a name to it, and save it. You can find it later in the "History" tab, and, optionally, delete it. Undoubtedly, Password Creator is a very complete password generating tool that will meet the expectations of most people who need to generate complex and numerous passwords quickly.

Systems: Windows

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